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If you ever want to become something then become an eagle. But never become a parrot. A parrot speaks a lot.  But cannot fly very high. Eagle speaks very little. But flies very high. And the eagle is the king of other birds.

Today I will tell you 5 such points that every person should learn from eagle. And there is a great life learning in these 5 points.

  • First lesson

 Eagle fly alone. Eagle will fly alone but will never fly with a sparrow or a small Eagle will fly alone but will never fly with a sparrow or a small bird. Eagle either always flies with the eagle or flies alone. And this teaches us to stay away from narrow-minded people and stay alone. Because this is the time when you get the real chance to know yourself.

  • Second lesson

 Eagle’s vision is very clear and very strong. Eagle can see its prey from 5 kilometres away.  And once he sees his goal, then no matter how difficult it may be after that, he takes rest only by achieving his goal. There is a great lesson to be learned from this too. That keep your vision clear. No matter how difficult it is to achieve it. Do not hold back like that eagle.

  • Third lesson

 Eagle never eats dead animals. He always hunts alive animals and this teaches us that our past is dead. So don’t pay attention to those dead rotten thoughts and focus on your fresh life to come. The old memories of your past that hurt you, let them be there where they belong. And your past has a place of itself, don’t give it a place in your present. Because once your past is in your present, your past will never let you be in the present. No matter how bad has happened to you in your past. All those thoughts, memories are dead. And be like that eagle who never eats dead things.

  • Fourth lesson

 Eagles get very excited when a storm comes. When it rains, all the birds hide. But the eagle enjoys it a lot. When the strong wind blows, the eagle flies to more height with the help of those winds. And while flying high, it flies so high that it reaches even above the clouds.  And there is a great lesson to be learned from this, to find fun in trouble also. And napoleon hill once said that every great challenge brings a great opportunity with it. So like that eagle, you should also recognize your opportunity. And the day you recognized those opportunities then all the difficulties will be under you and you will be over those difficulties.


  • Fifth lesson

 Eagle always remove soft grass from its nest. So that the eagle’s baby cannot be comfortable in it. Because if he becomes comfortable in the nest, he will like to stay there. But eagle never lets this happen Eagle is a bird and it also knows that there is no growth in the comfort zone. But we are human beings and despite being humans many people do not understand this. The more in a comfort zone you stay in, the more uncomfortable your life will become in the future.

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